Marching for
climate justice

In 2020, thousands of people from 44 countries walked three times the Earth’s circumference to demand a feminist, just, and more equal post-COVID world. 

For EarthWalk 2021, we are walking for climate justice. Walk with us!

Walk with us and stand with women and their communities who are at the frontlines of the climate crisis.

Walk with us and fight with communities in poorer countries who are suffering the most severe impacts of climate change, despite contributing the least to the pollution that caused it.

Walk (cycle, swim, run or wheel) with us and together we will demand that world leaders take real climate action now! For the people, for the planet.

Together, let's complete 40,000 kms, a journey around the Earth!

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World leaders are meeting in November at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP 26) in Glasgow.
Let’s show them once again that we will go to the ends of the Earth to fight for climate justice. They must do their part!



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Step up for climate justice!

The world’s wealthiest countries are most responsible for the pollution that is heating the planet. But climate change impacts are hitting poorest countries the hardest, devastating those that have done the least to cause the climate crisis.

While governments with the power and money to address the climate emergency drag their feet, vulnerable communities are paying the deadly price of world leaders’ climate inaction.

Walk with us and demand that leaders deliver their fair share of climate action and finance at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in November. Join EarthWalk 2021 so we can collectively cover the Earth’s circumference of 40,000kms, to demand that leaders act to protect people and our planet!

Together let’s call on world leaders to step up for climate justiceJoin EarthWalk! 

Join people from all corners of the Earth!

Some of us will walk in solidarity, to raise our voices in support of those suffering the most.  

Some of us will record the miles we already have to walk every day. Women and girls who spend hours carrying water because indoor plumbing is only for the rich. Workers who walk miles to earn their living. Migrants who walk because their homes and livelihoods have been destroyed by Covid-19 or climate change.  

Even during lockdown, we can keep walking, alone or together, for energy, connection and inspiration. Even inside our own homes! 

Together, wherever we are, we will make our steps count, and our voices heard.

Our walkers

People from all walks of life, from across the globe, are walking the Earth’s circumference to tell world leaders to Step Up for Climate Justice! 

Across Africa, Europe, Oceania, Asia and the Americas, our walkers (and cyclists, runners, swimmers and wheelchair-users) are pounding city streets, trekking remote rural paths, or pacing out of the confines of their own homes under lockdown. They’ve never met, yet they are united by their hope for a just, feminist, greener world. For the people, for the planet. 

Join our community of people united by hope for climate justice on EarthWalk 2021.

Heng’s story

Heng, 36, is a fisherwoman from Kampot province, Cambodia. She takes her young daughter fishing with her despite the dangers. Her ability to make money from fishing is severely impacted by extreme weather, like strong winds and rain, which she says is becoming less predictable.

Heng struggles to make sufficient money through fishing alone to send her children to school and provide them with enough food. Sometimes they collect scrap metal in order to support their income. She is thinking of growing and processing vegetables as an alternative source of income.

For the past five years, ActionAid has been developing a pioneering Women’s Champions programme in Cambodia, which supports women to become community leaders. The women receive training in advocacy, campaigning and organisational skills – and they then share these vital skills to build their community’s resistance to climate change. ActionAid is also supporting women farmers to adapt to and survive the climate crisis, in part by using farming methods that are more resilient to erratic weather, and training children in both climate-resilient agriculture and alternative/supplementary livelihoods.




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