'On the Move for the Future' Campaign Launch For Real Zero Not "Net Zero"

05 Jun 2022

With a long coastline, diverse geographical location, topography and climate, Vietnam is one of the most impoverished countries in terms of natural disasters and climate change in the Asia-Pacific region. Positive. It is estimated that climate change will reduce national income by up to 3.5% by 2050.

Vietnam demonstrates dedication to combating climate change through a range of national policies and concrete adaptation measures. In 2011, the National Climate Change Strategy was issued, outlining the objectives for 2016–2050. In 2012, the National Green Growth Strategy was approved, including mitigation targets and measures. In 2013, the Law on Natural Disaster Prevention and Control was enacted to address various natural hazards that affect the country, primarily climate-related. Additionally, the 2014 Law on Environment includes a chapter on climate change. Vietnam ratified the Paris Agreement on November 3, 2016, and submitted its updated Nationally Determined Contribution (2020).

ActionAid Vietnam is a member of Tax and Financial Equity Network Asia (TAFJA) and Renewable Energy Network Asia (AREN) to participate more in long-term programs to find solutions for climate justice. ActionAid also implements many projects, including Engaging Youth as Global Citizen in Vietnam (ROTA), Building Resilient Communities in Mekong Delta, Vietnam (B2), Energy transition and climate change mitigation in Mekong Delta (B3), Strengthening the resilience of coastal communities in the Mekong Delta (B4).

Moreover, AAV will mark its imprint in Vietnam in 2022, creating values and solutions for the community. In that context, raising awareness for Vietnamese youth - young leaders - about the common concerns of society should be emphasised even more. To contribute to realising AAV's priority in promoting climate justice for people and the planet, in line with the strategic direction of ActionAid International and Vietnam in the coming time, the Campaign "On the Move for the Future” emphasises the critical role of youth in responding to climate change, developing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Vietnam, as well as global issues. Other needs through the message “Stronger together! Higher resilience!”


We are raising awareness of the community, especially young people, about the role of mangroves and specific solutions to reduce emissions in mitigating the impact of climate change in the Mekong Delta region.



  • At least 4,000 people, of which 50% are women, 50% are youths, and 10% are ethnic minority people, participate in "On the Move for the Future" on average; each person walks or cycles at least 50 km - equivalent to the narrowest part of Vietnam.
  • In total, members will walk at least 127,420 km, ten times the diameter of the Earth, and cycle at least 400,750 km.

With the estimated number of people and kilometres, the campaign will possibly reduce the carbon footprint of at least 45,927.8 kg onto the environment.[1]



On the Move for the Future is a program where participants will walk or cycle daily instead of fossil fuels motorbikes or vehicles, record and track their progress and results, thereby contributing to concrete actions to reduce CO2 emissions into the environment and enhance the acknowledgement of equitable climate solutions for people from countries in the Global South.


Registration period: 0 am (GMT+7) June 5, 2022 - 23h59 (GMT+7) October 31, 2022

Competition period: 6 am (GMT+7) June 5, 2022 - 23h59 (GMT + 7) October 31, 2022

Awarding ceremony: November 6, 2022, tentatively in Lam Ha district, Lam Dong province

Category: Walking or Cycling


  1. Participants are Vietnamese citizens or foreigners living/studying/working legally in Vietnam from 9 or older. They can register to participate in walking (not jogging) or walking bicycles, or both categories.
  2. Participants can participate as individuals or as a team
  3. Participants register on iRACE during the registration portal open and must complete or exceed the registered distance. The distance cannot be changed after registration.
  4. Participants can ride/cycle many times one day, with no time limit in the allowed period of the program. The results will be accumulated during the contest period.
  5. iRace only retrieves results from the specified software (Strava, Garmin, Fitbit, Suunto) associated with the participant account. Do not accept updates by any other means.
  6. Each group has a maximum of 20 members, divided by numbering as follows:
    • Youth action groups for the environment and sustainable development: 

ROTA-L12-001-Green Sprout, where ROTA is the name of the group it belongs to, L12 is the name of the LRP, 001 is the group number of that LRP, and Green Sprout is the group name set by the group members themselves.

    • Other groups:

Named according to the following specifications: AAV-001-Hoa Ban Trang, where AAV is the first three letters of the organisation's name to which the group belongs, 001 is the group number, and Hoa Ban Trang is the name of the group given by the group members themselves.

Groups will be named in order of first-come-first-served.

  1. For participants using wheelchairs or crutches, the Organizer applies a different speed and distance.
  2. Participants/groups are not allowed to change their BIB after being provided by the system.
  3. If a participant's results show signs of fraud, the Organizing Committee has the right to request an examination. The handling decision of the Organizer will be the final decision; the parties must comply and have no right to complain or sue.
  4. The Organizer and Sponsor are free to use information and images of the participants/groups of the Program for promotional activities, communication, and other commercial purposes, without prior notice. There is no additional fee to the participant.
  5. The Organizer and Sponsor can ask the winners/teams to take pictures, give interviews, or write articles on their social accounts without paying the participants any extra fees.
  6. The Organizing Committee is not responsible for the cancellation and postponement of this walking program due to force majeure and objective reasons such as network failure, natural disaster, war...
  7. The Organizer and its employees are exempt from liability for any accidents, injuries, or other health/economic problems of participants.
  8. By registering to participate in the program, you confirm that you have read, understood and agreed to all requirements made by the Organizing Committee. In the event of a complaint about the results, the final decision rests with the Organizer.



Step 1: Register to participate in the program via the website iRace.vn

Walking: https://irace.vn/races/cung-tien-buoc-vi-tuong-lai-2022 

Cycling: https://irace.vn/races/dap-xe-cung-tien-buoc-vi-tuong-lai-2022 

Step 2: Create a Strava account and link it with iRace following this guide: https://bit.ly/3ahvIqt (ENG)

Step 3: Use the Strava App to record following this guide: https://bit.ly/3hTC5jf (VNM)

Step 4: Link to Smartwatch devices (If you don't have a watch, you can use Strava directly from your phone)

In Vietnamese (VNM):

Garmin: https://bit.ly/3bkhoKQ

Fitbit: https://bit.ly/3vRaE0w

Suunto: https://bit.ly/313mTvD

Apple Watch: https://bit.ly/3nrGLxW

Mi Band: https://bit.ly/3vToU99

Huawei Watch: https://bit.ly/3kjpaty

Step 5: Should you have any questions, please contact iRace for further details via email: support@irace.vn

For asynchronous error handling instructions, please visit https://bit.ly/3mlIiIT.



As for the group, the groups that participate in addition to walking or cycling or both can participate in submitting the group's initiative on community-based solutions for the following topics:

  • Specific actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the community
  • Clean energy use
  • Emission-reducing public transport services for everyone
  • Models of planting trees, growing flowers, reducing emissions and beautifying living space
  • Zero-plastic waste in civilised schools or communities
  • Smog-free and fresh residential areas
  • Water purification and clean water preservation for the community
  • Emission-reducing public toilets using renewable energy


A list of the awards includes:

1. Monthly prize

The individual prize goes the longest distance in the month (maximum one prize per category). If more than one person is within the same space, the final decision belongs to the Organizing Committee (BTC) for the winner who wins the prize.

  • Cycling: VND 1,000,000 (One million VND)
  • Walking: VND 1,000,000 (One million VND)


The group that can go the longest distance in the month (at most one prize in each form. In case there is more than one group with the same space, the final decision belongs to the Organizing Committee (BTC) to give that prize to the group. which wins)

  • Cycling: VND 2,500,000
  • Walking: VND 2,500,000


Photo of the Month Award: The photo with the most interactions on Facebook is designated by the Organizing Committee with #onthemove and #OM4F or #nguytienbuocvituonglai: VND 1,500,000.


‘Achievable Idea of the Month’ Award: Selected by the Organizing Committee and awarded for project ideas that address environmental issues, climate change, disaster risk reduction, and implementation of sustainable development goals in the community: VND 20,000,000 (one prize per month)


2. Final prize

‘Warriors for the Green Planet’ Award:

Individual awards for the best achievements:

  • Cycling: VND 5,000,000
  • Walking: VND 5,000,000

Group award with the best performance:

  • Cycling: VND 10,000,000
  • Walking: VND 10,000,000

Inspiring Award

  • The most diverse group (the group with the most varied members): VND 5,000,000
  • The most persistent (person walking the most hours): VND 2,000,000
  • Best initiative: VND 50,000,000

All distances above apply 50% for people with special needs and have their prizes.


Photo prize

The photo with the most interactions on Facebook with #OntheMovefortheFuture and #OM4F:

VND 3,000,000


Email: OM4F@actionaid.org

iRace: https://irace.vn/races/cung-tien-buoc-vi-tuong-lai-2022 

ActionAid Vietnam's website: https://vietnam.actionaid.org/en 

AFV's website: https://afv.vn/en/ 

[1] https://vinfastauto.com/vn_vi/carbon-footprint-la-gi-7-cach-giam-thieu-dau-chan-carbon