Giuditta Strada, Italy

11 Jan 2021

I learned about the Walk for Survival through an email I received as part of the ActionAid community. I then attended the launch event of the march and immediately got involved in the initiative! I signed up and immediately invited a group of running friends to join me and we formed a team.

Participating in the march was quite a challenge, it was difficult to set the target in terms of km initially. I didn't know exactly how far I would be able to run/walk and decided to set 100km as my final goal, but maybe I could have dared more!

In this lockdown period, running was almost the only opportunity to leave the house. I've been running my miles on breaks from work or at weekends. In short, it was a good source of energy to end this tiring year spent mostly indoors! 

I decided to join the campaign because I liked the idea that it was not just a fundraiser, but that it would allow all of us to make our contribution more visibly and symbolically. I think the message is very strong and gives a clear and vivid image of the solidarity that unites us. The metaphor of "walking" is always a winner and very effective.

In particular, I liked the idea that it was affordable for everyone. Regardless of age, profession, geographical origin, or income, we can all get involved by lending only our feet and our desire for change.

I decided to join the march mainly because I think it is important to remind ourselves that to really change things we all have to go in the same direction and join forces. I think the priority right now is to preserve our planet and radically change our way of life before it's too late. It's a challenge for the whole of humanity, but the most dramatic consequences always fall on the most fragile among us.