Ria Ryan and Lucy Richmond: UK Community Feminists

24 Nov 2020

We are The Community Feminists. A group of feminist activists who believe in the power of collective feminist leadership in order to create global change. As a group we have decided to get involved with the Walk for Survival which is a global march dedicated to showing solidarity with those that have been impacted the most by the coronavirus pandemic.

As a group we would like to raise awareness on the inequalities that many communities face, that have only been exacerbated due to the pandemic.

In situations of crises, it is always communities that are more vulnerable or do not have the same privileges or benefits as the rest of society that are always hit hardest, that’s why as a group the Community Feminists will be aiming to collectively walk 200km to collectively demand a more equal and just world.

On Sunday 29th November, we will all be aiming to walk as many kilometres as possible (in our own respective areas!).