Jemal Ahmed, ActionAid Head of Country Support

25 Nov 2020

I have worked for ActionAid for 26 years but have never seen suffering like this, at a global scale, due to Covid. It is having an impact on every walk of life – health, economic, social, governance, the environment in addition to the multiple crisis such as locusts, cyclones, droughts and conflicts. 

But I know the impacts calls for looking at all the structural issues to address C-19 - cancelling debt, stopping tax dodging and moving towards climate justice. 

I believe that voicing our message, especially to decision makers and leaders, is so important and the Walk for Survival is one instrument towards that. This is the reason I joined, because I believe this is a little thing we can do as individuals and groups. 

So far, I have reached 280km, now I want to more than double it before the end of the year. I’ve been walking every day and I can see the real impact on my health and fitness, which is an advantage. Walking was something I did even before this campaign, now I have doubled my efforts for the cause.  

I never thought I would achieve the distances I have so far. 

I would encourage others to do the walk. It seems hard at first, but I have seen that as my endurance has increased, I have increased my target. Start at your own pace, but stick with it, invite your family and friends, and you can make a practical contribution to the campaign. 

Before the end of December we can together complete the circumference of the Earth.