Julia Sánchez, Secretary General of ActionAid International

27 Oct 2020

Guess what song has been in my head for weeks now? 

“These boots are made for walking 
And that's just what they'll do 
One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you…” 

Global injustice and inequality, be warned, ActionAiders are coming out to denounce and oppose you worldwide! 

I am all set to go, I have registered online and download an app to help me count my steps. I have signed up to walk at least 50KM from now until December. And already in the first two days I have walked 5.5KM! I hope you will all beat me with your ambition, and I hope to exceed my own targets too! 

Why am I pounding the streets of Ottawa?  

Because we didn't get here by accident. Our leaders had years to address extreme poverty, gender inequality, shrinking civic space and the climate crisis. They failed. 

They failed, and we are living with the consequences. It's time for our leaders to work for the wellbeing of our planet, not their personal ambitions or the profits of corporations.

So, here's my challenge to you. Will we continue on the path that led us here, and sleepwalk into the next global catastrophe? Or will you join us in this walk for survival to grow from this crisis, and repair the injustices and inequalities that led us here in the first place?

In far too many places, we may not be able to protest or demonstrate without being tear gassed or harmed by the institutions meant to protect us. But we will not be silenced.  


Some of us choose to walk. Some of us have to walk. But we will walk, alone, together, wherever we can, and our voices will be heard. And world leaders will have to #WalkTheTalk