Nyaradzayi Gumbonzvanda, Chair of the board of ActionAid International

26 Oct 2020

We are living in the most trying of times.

I live in rural Zimbabwe. My village is far from the epicentres of the pandemic.  

But this crisis has no limits. The virus is taking its toll here too. 

We've waited patiently for long enough. While world leaders fail to take action, children have still not returned to school. Women are still locked in homes with their abusers. Incomes have been cut to zero. 

Our political and business leaders have had more than half a year to come up with plans to right these inequalities. Plans that are sustainable and have the most vulnerable people at its heart. 

I've dedicated my life to working with young women and girls. I fear for what this crisis will mean for their futures. I am walking with all the girls in my village, we will leave no one behind.